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Governor Ali Jeyte: I vow to exact vengeance on Al Shabaab for deaths of innocent people in Afar-Irdood.

Saturday September 3, 2022

Governor Jeyte (Centre, sunglasses) on the frontlines of an SNA-led offensive against Al Shabaab. SUPPLIED

Beledweyne (HOL) -  The governor of the Hiiraan region, Ali Jeyte Osman, promised to take the fight to Al Shabaab after the group attacked a convoy in his region on Saturday.

Governor Jeyte said that the victims were innocent civilians, including young children and a new mother.

"I swear that I will exact vengeance on Al-Shabaab for the suffering they have caused. They killed unarmed travellers, including a mother who gave birth a month ago and her baby. There were no Maawisley fighters among 27 people they killed."

Governor Jeyte added that government security forces are still engaged in operations against Al-Shabaab.

Government Jeyte accompanied SNA fighters to the frontlines in August as government forces captured several small villages in the Mataban and Mahaas districts of Hiiraan with the backing of Ethiopian warplanes.

Somali security forces captured at least ten villages from al Shabaab in the most recent offensive against Al-Shabaab in the Hiiraan region.

Mahas District Commissioner Mumin Mohamed Halane was on the scene of the attack and confirmed that 18 people were killed.

He added that the Al-Shabaab fled the area and are being pursued by the government forces and local militia. 

"The people killed by Al-Shabaab were displaced people who were travelling from Mahaas district and other low-lying areas, and the trucks were travelling in were carrying food for everyone. They were simple people trying to get by and provide for their families in difficult times. Al Shabaab massacred these civilians mercilessly.  


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