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Two al-Shabab militants killed in US airstrike in central Somalia

Tuesday October 25, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - The US. military confirmed that it killed two al Shabab militants with an air strike near Bulobarde district, in the Hiiraan region, on Sunday.

U.S Africa Command said the militants killed in the air strike were attacking Somali National Army Forces. It assessed that no civilians were injured or killed in the air strike.

Last week, the US government sanctioned over a dozen al-Shabab financial facilitators who act as the organization's top negotiators with regional businesses in Somalia.

Several of the facilitators have direct contact with other previously sanctioned al-Shabaab officials.

The US government said it killed 27 al Shabab fighters last month in an airstrike in Somalia's central Hiran region. AFRICOM said that struke was carried out in support of Somali troops being attacked by al Shabab fighters near Buulobarde.

The militant group of al Shabab has suffered heavy casualties over the last three months. Somali government forces backed by local militia groups and international partners have intensified operations against the militants.


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