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Kenyan police intensify operations in hunt for al-Shabab after raid

Tuesday October 25, 2022

Kenyan police said Sunday they have intensified security operations across Mandera town in the northeast region to pursue al-Shabab militants who raided two mosques and lectured those in attendance in a daring incident before leaving.

Northeastern police commander George Seda said the group which was armed with AK47 rifles went to Elram A and B mosques during the morning prayer session on Saturday and took over for a while as they preached to those present.

Seda said the first group of about five armed with rifles went to Elram A mosque and told the attendants that they are at war with non-Muslims and hence should join their course.

He said another group went to Elram B mosque at the same time and lectured the attendants telling them to join the fight.

Seda confirmed that no one was injured in the drama and that two gunmen stood at the entrances of the facilities as the rest preached therein.

"We have deployed more police officers in the area to pursue the militants who escaped towards the border with Somalia," Seda said.

Such incidents are common in the area. But the regional police commander said the militants attacked a police camp in Elram using rocket-propelled grenades and rifles as they were leaving.

Witnesses said the militants first targeted a communication mast in the camp to disrupt police response and communication in the area before they could inflict harm on the locals.

However, the police present fired back in exchange repulsing the group of about 20 men.

This is the latest such incident to happen in the area. Two weeks ago, the group targeted a school in Mandera east near the Kenya-Somalia border targeting non-local teachers.

Al-Shabab terrorists have been attacking places in the region, especially in Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa counties in northeastern Kenya after breaching security zones, leaving dozens of civilians and security officials dead and wounded.


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