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Somali regional state's Liyu police capture army bases from al Shabab

Wednesday October 5, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali regional state's Liyu police have captured an army positions from al Shabab in Yeed district in Somalia's Bakool region following heavy security operations on Tuesday.

ewsinsideLiyu police officials said that they inflicted heavy casualties on the militants, although there are no independent sources that can confirm this news.

Officials added that they would continue operations against Al Shabab until the Al Shabaab group is eliminated from the border area.

Last July, the President of Ethiopia's Somali state, Mustafe Omar, announced that his administration would create a buffer zone inside Somalia to prevent al-Shabab militants from entering Ethiopia again.

Liyu police have been present in Somali border towns for some time, and it was unclear what steps Ethiopian authorities would take to establish a formal buffer zone.

Security forces in Ethiopia said they killed more than 100 al-Shabab militants after crossing into eastern Ethiopia in July.

U.S. assessments suggest the Shabab fighters may have penetrated as far as 150 kilometres into Ethiopia before being stopped.


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