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Beledweyne rocked by twin explosions, casualties unknown

Monday October 3, 2022



Beledweyne (HOL) - Residents in Beledweyne reported hearing two explosions followed by gunfire on Monday.

The explosion happened near the Lama Galay compound.

Large plumes of smoke is visible coming from the blast area.

There has been no update on the number of casualties or the extent of the damage.

Although no group has claimed responsibility, Hiiraan government officials have already blamed Al Shabaab for the attack.
The attack could be retaliation for the killing of senior Al Shabaab leader Abdullahi Nader by government forces on Saturday during an operation in Middle Jubba.

The explosions come during a government offensive against Al Shabaab militants in the Hiiraan region and other parts of central Somalia. 

According to Somali officials, the SNA has liberated 40 villages in Hiiraan since operations began in early September.

Beledweyne is home to the Hawadle clan, which has organized itself into a militia and has been fighting alongside the Somali military.

As a result, Al Shabaab has targeted clan leaders and burned homes and destoyed drinking wells..

The SNA confirmed that five Al Shabaab saboteurs were killed last night when their bomb destined for a water well in the Tarashanta village in Hiiraan exploded prematurely.

This story is developing.



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