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President Mohamud disbands Farmajo-era federal commissions

Tuesday November 22, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has disbanded the National Independent Elections Commission and the Federal Boundaries Commission, claiming that the previous administration unconstitutionally established the government bodies.

DADSOM, Somalia's citizen registration and identification agency, was also dissolved by the Presidential decree.

Villa Somalia claimed the commissions were illegal because they were formed without the participation of Somalia's bicameral parliament, particularly the Upper House.

The Presidential decree also stated that new commissions would be formed "in accordance with Article 112 of the Transitional Federal Government's Constitution," but no tiametable was provided by Villa Somalia.

Last month, President Mohamud disbanded the Judicial Service Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission, citing constitutional violations during their establishment.

The decrees rendered all previous committee decisions legally non-binding.


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