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Record number of Somalis elected as UK Councillors

Saturday May 7, 2022

London (HOL) - 26 Brits of Somali origin were elected as local councillors in cities across the UK on Thursday, setting a record number for the number Somali-Brits were elected into public office.

Seventeen of the councillors were elected from London, representing the vast majority.

The Conservatives suffered heavy losses during the election, losing almost 500 seats and control of 11 councils.

The Labour Party, the official opposition, gained 139 seats and now controls 74 seats across the country. Most of the Somali councillors were running under the Labour banner.

The results come after votes to elect 200 councils in England, Wales and Scotland, and the parliamentary assembly in Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom (UK) is home to the largest Somali community in Europe, with the earliest immigrants arriving in the second half of the 19th century.

Here are the Somali-British councillors.

1. Awale Olad - Camden (London)

2. Harbi Farah - Brent (London)

3. Abdi Aden - Brent (London)

4. Amina Ali - Tower Hamlets

5. Hibaq Jama - Bristol

6. Faduma Hassan - Brent (London)

7. Abdirazak Abdi - Brent (London)

8. Mohamed Hashi - Lambeth (London)

9. Kasim Ali - Kensington (London)

10. Bashir Ibrahim - Islington (London)

11. Amal Ali  - Bristol

12. Yasin Mohamud - Bristol

13. Safiya Saeed - Sheffield

14. Mahadi Hussein Sharif Mahamed - Manchester

15. Issa Issa - Lambeth (London)

16. Hodan Haili - Ealing (London)

17. Sagal Abdiweli - Camden (London)

18. Maleiki Haybe Sheffield

19. Naima Ali - Southwark (London)

20. Ibrahim Ali - Bruce Castle (London)

21. Ifrah Samatar - Hackney (London)

22. Fadumo Mohamed - Southall (London)

23. Abdullah Abdullah - Enfield (London)

24. Dahabo Haji Isse - Kensington and Chelsea (London)

25. Abdullah Nur- Kensington and Chelsea

26. Ibrahim Saeed- Cardiff.



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