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Hirshabelle elects final two seats as parliamentary elections come to a close

Friday May 6, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Hirshabelle State Electoral Implementation Team concluded the Lower House elections following the election of the last two remaining seats in Jowhar on Thursday.

Former Somali security minister Abukar Islow Duale retained HOP141 after his opponent Abdullahi Nur Mohamed withdrew from the race. At the same time, Mohamed Aden Dahir was elected to the seat of HOP135, which was last held by the late Amino Abdi Mohamed. Amran Hussein Isaq and Mohamed Nur Hussein were also running for that seat.

Officially, Hirshabelle regional state government is the last state to conclude the parliamentary elections. However, Somalia’s newest Parliament has yet to decide how to resolve the political crisis in the Gedo constituency.

The Speaker of the Lower House said that neither set of competing MPs can participate in parliamentary proceedings until the crisis is worked out.

On Thursday, the joint parliamentary committee tasked with organizing the long-overdue polls announced the presidential election would take place on May 15.


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