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Al-Shabaab members captured attempting arms smuggle to Ethiopia

Tuesday May 3, 2022

Somali region special forces said it has arrested Alshabaab members who were attempting to smuggle arms to the Somali region of Ethiopia.

According to a report from EBC, state media, they were arrested in Afdere zone, Elkere District, and Bula Kebele. They were planning to carry out terrorist activity, it was said. The planned targets were in the region.

18 boxes of AK 47 ammunition, six RPGs, and two machine guns were seized from the suspects.

In late April this year, Ethiopia announced that it has arrested 34 Al-Shabaab members as they were moving to implement terror plants targeting places in Addis Ababa, the Oromo region of Ethiopia, and the Somali region.

Ethiopia has recently been experiencing challenges in relation to religious violence and the Ethiopian government has been claiming that enemies to the Ethiopian state have been attempting to exploit religion as a cover to bring about prevalent religious violence in the country.


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