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South West to elect last 7 MPs on March 15

Saturday March 12, 2022

BAIDOA (HOL) - South West state will elect the last seven MPs on March 15 becoming the second electoral constituency to conclude the long running elections in the country.

The State Indirect Elections Team announced Saturday that preparations for the final process would begin today ((Saturday) with the registration of candidates.

South West will now join the Somaliland Caucus will concluded its elections in Mogadishu in February. It will also become the first Federal Member State to wrap up the exercise.

South West state has 69 MPs- the largest in the Lower House. Added to eight Senators, makes South West the Federal Member State with the most number of lawmakers in the Federal Parliament which Presidential Candidates will be hoping to reap votes from.

It now appears that most of the Federal Member States will not meet the March 15 deadline for the conclusion of the parliamentary elections.


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