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Two soldiers killed in clash at government residence in Beletweyne, tensions high

Tuesday March 8, 2022

Beledweyne (HOL) - Two soldiers were killed following a confrontation at the government headquarters in  Beletweyne Monday afternoon amidst escalating tensions after a fall out out between HirShabelle State president and his deputy.

Sources in the town said the soldiers died in a gunfight but the circumstances surrounding the clash remained unclear. It was not immediately clear if the soldiers were allied to either President Ali Gudlawe or his deputy Yusuf Dabageed and neither leader has commented on the incident.

The two leaders have in recent days been at loggerheads over the conduct of the elections in Beletweyne. Eleven seats out of 25 are yet to be filled.

According to sources privy to the differences between the two leaders, Gudlawe who has in recent weeks build a rapport with clans in Hiiraan region wants a fair process while Dabageed is pushing for more control by the State government just as has largely been the case in virtually all the Federal Member States.

Amid this fall out, armed groups from differnet clans have moved into Beletweyne  raising tensions and fears of a possible clash.

The remaining seats are being battled out by Hawadle and Galjaceel subclans.


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