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‎Puntland sentenced 4 Al Shabab men to death for Bosaso attacks

Tuesday June 21, 2022

Garowe (HOL) - A Puntland military court sentenced four members of the Al Shabaab to death on Tuesday for plotting and carrying out bombings and assassinations in Bossaso, a  strategic coastal town of Puntland.

The suspects confessed to several crimes during their court arraignment on Monday, including carrying out the attack that targeted the  Puntland President, killing two soldiers. 

They also admitted the assassination of the traditional elder Bashir Muse Konte inside a mosque in Bosasso in March 2019.

The guilty men also admitted to being responsible for an explosion in Bosasso that killed two electoral delegates voting on the parliamentary reelection of Gamal Hasan Mohamed, the Federal Minister of Planning.

The men by name, Jama Adan Tusbahle, Ayub Omar Shire, Abdullahi Salad Booos Mohange, and Mohamed Abshir Muse Olyo were given 30 days to appeal.


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