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Mustafe Cagjar: 600 Al-Shabaab militants were killed in ten days of fighting

Sunday July 31, 2022


‎Mogadishu (HOL) - The President of the Somali regional government in Ethiopia, Mustafa Mohamed Cagjar, said 600 Al Shabab fighters were killed during the latest clash on the Somali border.‎

Cagjar made the comments while addressing the Somali regional parliament, who raised questions about the casualties in the fighting. ‎

‎President Cagjar said they prevented a severe threat and successfully repelled Al Shabaab fighters after ten days of hard fighting. He said the high death toll experienced by Al Shabaab fighters is a sign that they are winning in the battle against  Al Shabab. ‎

‎"We believe that 600 Alshabab have been killed in the operations going on in recent days. The people should know that we are at war," said the president. 

‎Mustafa Cagjar said they are determined to defeat Alshabab and prevent them from spreading their ideology in the Somali region of Ethiopia. ‎

‎"They aimed to enter the area, bring in a large army, and disperse into smaller groups. But, we did not give them that opportunity. It is a mission they have failed," said President Cagjar. ‎

Ethiopian News Agency reported on Saturday that three Al-Shabaab leaders, including Fu'ad Mohamed Shangole, were killed by a joint Ethiopian Defense Force and Somali region special forces operation in the Aato area.

Shangole, the subject of a $5 million bounty by the US government, was reportedly participating in the frontline fighting, according to pro-Al-Shabaab media.

Al-Shabaab has denied that Fuad Shangole was killed during Saturday's clashes, and there has been no independent confirmation of his death.

‎The president acknowledged that Al Shabab's attack was due to the lack of secure borders. However, he said his government would take steps to create a buffer zone.‎


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