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Ethiopia releases political prisoners as PM calls for reconciliation

Saturday January 8, 2022

ADDIS ABABA(HOL) - The Ethiopian government has released political prisoners among them media mogul and Oromo firebrand politician Jawar Mohamed following charges of terrorism in 2020.

The release of the political prisoners, the government said was done for the ‘improvement of the political situation.’

The move follows calls by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for reconciliation amid an ongoing war that has now lasted for over a year.

“The government has granted amnesty to the prisoners to make the national dialogue a success and hoping that they will make a better contribution to the country and to the people,” the state control media reported.

Mohamed, alongside several Oromo leaders, were arrested in June 2020 following the killing of popular musician Hachalu Hundesa whose death galvanised mass protests precipitating a political turmoil that has persisted to death.

Among those released include Sebhat Nega, Eskinder Nega, Kidusan Nega, Abay Woldu, Abadi Zemu, Mulu Gebre Egziabher and  Kiros Hagos


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