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Somaliland delegates conclude the election of all 46 MPs

Monday February 21, 2022

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somaliland delegates in Mogadishu elected the last three MPs Monday morning wrapping up the election for all 46 seats allocated to the region.

Samsam Mohamed Omar, Mohamed Ibrahim Adi and Abdirahman Iidan Yoonis won seats 243, 206 and 259 respectively bringing to a close the exercise which has lasted for over four months.

The Lower House elections began in October 2021 and dragged along for several months owing to disputes which threatened to halt the process.

For Somaliland in particular bitter leadership wrangles between Senate speaker Abdi Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled raged on for a couple of months even way for the elections began.

But interventions from Prime Minister finally secured a deal in January that saw the two sides agree to finalise the process.
In the other Federal Member States, the process is still way behind. HirShabelle has elected only 14 MPs out of 38 while Jubaland has elected 15 MPs out of 43.

So far, 153 MPs out of 275 have been elected.


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