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Somali STEM Summit 2022 Concludes in Mogadishu, Somalia

Tuesday August 9, 2022


The Somali STEM summit (7-9th August) concluded today in Mogadishu, Somalia. This years theme was in "Sustainable Impact" bringing together Somalis from around the world.

The summit was convened by the Somali STEM Society and Hano Academy, it's an annual gathering of academics, researchers, teachers, students, policymakers, STEM enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs from in and outside Somalia. The goal is to enhance scientific knowledge production and inquiry and find sustainable solutions for evolving developmental issues facing Somalia and the Horn of Africa region. This Summit enabled the key speakers tackle on the following key topics: Climate Change; Innovative Solutions for Floods and Droughts in Somalia; Blue-economy (Sustainable Energy); Education; Integrating Art in STEM & TVET; Youth Employment, Job Creation and Financial Investment; Health; Women/Girls in STEM; Agriculture and Food Insecurity in Somalia; Somalia's Progress on Sustainable Development Goals; Youth Skills Expo and Competition. Bringing together Somali educators will help tackle hunger, climate change and gender inequality. 

The panellists advocated that Climate adaptation and ecosystem restoration is to be included in state policies, service provision, the security sector and the rule of law. Gladly, the Somali Civil Society, Researchers and environmental groups have been urged to increase climate change awareness campaigns and conduct regular trainings. The experts also briefed the participants on the milestones reached on climate Change. Since Somalia’s Blue-economy has shown satisfactory promises, the panellists On Blue-economy stated that there is need of developing national resources and utilizing proceeds for a long-term sustainable national economy. 

According to the panellists on Education in Somalia, Somalia needs to invest in Vocational Education Training (VET) which was once isolated from the country’s education system because of its stereotypes. This will enable the Somali youths to embrace the new technology and improve their skills in order to fill the gap in the country without bringing in the foreign task force. There was also a call to embrace Vocational Education and its Roles so as to Engineer it in the Post-war Reconstruction of Somalia.

The panellists have encouraged young innovative minds to integrate and disseminate the climate information and sustainable measures to be taken for Climate Action in Somalia. This key finding underlines the urgency for climate action, focusing on equity and justice, technology transfer, governmental commitment and partnership to lead to more effective climate change adaptation and emissions reductions not only in Somalia but also in the world.

Powering good in society and driving social innovation have been the pillars of the Somali STEM Society since its inception and it has supported the development of the society and the improvement of people’s lives. Thus, addressing climate change is the next frontier, and we have joined hands with different climate change innovation partners to meet this challenge head-on.

This will work towards breaking away from negative stereotypes, promoting the social value of stem fields and their role in solving a variety of problems, promoting interaction with role models, increasing opportunities to learn about STEM fields, consolidating systems and environments which enable people to take advantage of mentor programs and other supporting tools regardless of their affiliated organizations for career development in the STEM field, promoting overall gender equality in society to enhance women’s participation in STEM and formulating policies that reflect a large range of the public voice.

H.E. FEI Shenchao has mentioned that China is number one car and Mobile Maker in the world and that couldn’t happen without the values attached to Chinese education system, the ambassador urged Somali students to put more efforts on STEM subjects, The ambassador FEI Shenchao presented a cheque Somali youth who won best business idea a competition aimed at boosting start up businesses organized by the Somali STEM Society.

The three day event was successfully concluded on Tuesday having met its expectations. For more info on next activities by Somali STEM Society please don’t hesitate to contact us below.

Website: http://www.somalistemsociety.org/
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +252 61 3266175  


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