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Over 800 Al-Shabab’s Militants Killed Including 24 Top Leaders

Saturday August 6, 2022

More than 800 militants of the terrorist al-Shabab group have been killed, including twenty-four leaders of the group, following the measure taken by security forces, according to the National Defense Force.

National Defense Force Deployment Head and Acting Security Command Post Coordinator, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew said terrorist Al-Shabab group which tried to infiltrate through Eastern Ethiopia has been successfully thwarted by the joint efforts of the security forces.

Major General Tesfaye revealed that the attempt of the terrorist Al-Shabab group, which tried to enter the country from 21 July 2022, was fully thwarted by joint operation of the security forces.

According to him, foreign enemies who want to destabilize Ethiopia employed domestic dark forces.

When enemies believed that their plot did not work out as they had hoped, Gen.Tesfaye underscored that they made a futile attempt to reinforce Al-Shabaab against Ethiopia  behind the curtain.

This evil deed of the enemies’ attempt intends to obstruct the promising reform and development  undertakings  Ethiopia has embarked on its natural resources.

Al-Shabaab tried to carry out an attack in the areas bordering Ethiopia and Somalia by infiltrating  some of its forces in 16 vehicles and some of them traveling to Ethiopia on foot during dark time.

However, Major General Tesfaye said that terrorist fighters who tried to infiltrate through Eastern Ethiopia were totally destroyed including its leaders by the national defense force and Somali special force.

The Ethiopian Air Force hit selected targets and destroyed the logistics, weapons stockpile and  food depots that the terrorist group had planned to use for a long time.

The air strike was also able to destroy 24  leaders of the terrorist group including Propaganda Chief, Fu’ad Muhammad Keleif (Shengole), Abdulaziz Abu Musa, Spokesperson of the group, Ubeda Nur Isse, Head of Al-Shabaab’s Bokol Zone and the Ethiopian borders and among many others.

The operation carried out by the National Defense Force, along with the air force and the Somali Region special forces and people have proved the courage of the nation, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew underlined.

He added this victory gave  lesson to the forces, trying to invade Ethiopia, that they should think twice.

According to Major-General Tesfaye, the operation carried out by the security forces practically demonstrated the heroic deeds of the Ethiopian Defense Force and Air Force as well as Somali Region Special Force and people that provide lesson to those who attempt to attack Ethiopia have to rethink before their action.   

The people of the region have provided an immense support to the security forces.

Somali Region Special Force Commander, Commissioner General Mehammad Ahmad said the terrorist group had attempted attacks in border area of Atoe, Yed, Elberde and Wosha.

However, General Mehammad said, at that time, the Ethiopian Defense Force and Somali Region Special Force  fought bravely and demonstrated their nationalism to their country.

Accordingly, some 813 militants of Al-shabaab including 24 ringleaders of the group have been killed during the operation, he said noting this could be the first time that al-Shabaab has lost so many of its core leaders at a single time.

According to him, huge amount of weapons have been destroyed including the heavy trucks the terrorist group had used to infiltrate its militants into Ethiopia.  

Several other armaments including Dushka have also been surrendered from the group.


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