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Hirshabelle parliament approves Gudlawe's 81-member cabinet

Thursday August 4, 2022

Jowhar (HOL) - Hirshabelle regional state parliament approved an 81-member cabinet on Wednesday following a parliament session in Jowhar town.

The session was attended by President Ali Gudlawe Hussein, Hirshabelle Parliament Speaker Abdihakim Luqman Haji Mohamed and his two deputy speakers.

Through a hand vote, Speaker Abdihakim Luqman Haji Mohamed said that 80 lawmakers voted in favour while three parliamentarians rejected the cabinet.
The President expressed his gratitude to parliament for endorsing the new cabinet, which consists of 27 ministers, 27 deputy ministers, and 27 state ministers.

Hirshabelle has become the regional administration with the largest number of government ministers and the first regional administration to appoint a state minister to each ministry.

Many people have commented that Hirshabelle’s Council of Ministers is bloated, and there are legitimate concerns about how it will be funded.


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