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Garbaharey's 16 MPs sworn in at Mogadishu hotel

Tuesday April 26, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - The 16 Gedo MPs elected in Garbaharey were sworn into office on Monday evening at the SYL Hotel in Mogadishu, despite Gedo MPs being sworn into office in a separate ceremony just hours earlier.

There was no significant disruption during the ceremony, according to multiple sources.

Earlier in the day, The interim speaker of Parliament, Abdisalam Dhabanad, officiated a ceremony for the 16 Gedo MPs elected in Elwak. Dhabanad said that Somali police "chased" from multiple venues to obstruct the ceremony.

The Garbaharey MPs were elected on Saturday in a separate poll held in Gedo's regional capital, defying a Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) decision to move the Gedo election from Garbaharey to Elwak in mid-April.

While the PM has publicly supported the FEIT in recognizing the results of the Elwak poll, President Farmaajo has said that both elections were illegal, and the winners could not participate in the polls for parliamentary speakers or the president.

Abdisalam Dhabanad insisted that the Elwak MPs would participate in the upcoming parliamentary proceedings and that the results had been certified and signed by the federal election commission.

Elections for the Lower House speaker are expected to begin on Wednesday.


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