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Candidates for FEIT-cancelled SW seat register for poll re-run

Wednesday April 20, 2022

Saredo Mohamed Abdalla, (L) was previously declared the winner of the seat before it was cancelled by the federal election commission. Nasteho Mohamed Yusuf (R) is the new challenger. SOURCE: South West State SEIT

Mogadishu (HOL) - South West State Electoral Implementation TEAM (SEIT) has awarded certificates of candidacy to Saredo Mohamed Abdalla and Nasteho Mohamed Yusuf on Tuesday ahead of the electoral re-run for seat HOP-154.

Sareedo Mohamed Abdalla was declared the winner in the first election on November 27. However, FEIT suspended the poll results in early December and referred the case to the Dispute Resolution Committee after discovering that Saredo's opponent, Fardowsa Ibrahim Abdi,  was too young to contest for a  parliamentary seat. It is unknown how old Saredo's opponent was but the constitutional age to become an MP is 25.

FEIT announced in late February that the poll results were suspended indefinitely. Finally, on April 7, the election was declared illegitimate, and FIET ordered that the election for HOP154 would have to be re-run.

Saredo Mohamed Abdalla has been a member of Parliament in Somalia since 2004 and is also known as a prominent businesswoman. She previously sat on the Defence Committee in the 10th Parliament. She is heavily favoured to win the seat and return as an MP in the 11th Parliament.


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