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Fahad Yassin appeals to Supreme Court to secure MP seat

Sunday April 10, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Former intelligence director Fahad Yasin has filed a lawsuit with Somalia's Supreme Court on Sunday to certify his disputed election results.

Fahad Yasin was elected as an MP for seat HOP086 in Beledweyne on February 20, but the Federal Elections Implementation Team (FEIT) immediately suspended the election results for being "misguided" and "flawed." 

Yasin's lawyer, Zakariye Mohamud Ismail, called the decision to suspend HOP086 illegal. He dismissed allegations of wrongdoing in the seat.

Meanwhile, the country's Supreme Court has responded to the complaint, ordering the Attorney General to respond within two days.

Earlier this month, FEIT published its official list of MPs whose results have been certified and are expected to be sworn into office. Fahad Yasin was left off that list, as were three other MPs from South West State. FEIT's Secretary-General and former chairman opposed the list and were promptly dismissed by the PM for obstructing the certification process.

FEIT announced on Thursday that the four seats whose results have been suspended due to electoral irregularities would be re-run.






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