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FEIT Secretary General opposes announcement list of members of both houses of parliament

Friday April 1, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Secretary-General of the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) Abdirahman Abdiaziz Aden has spoken out against his chairman's announcement of the list of members of both chambers of parliament.

On Thursday, the chairman of the Federal Electoral Implementation Team, Muse Guelleh Yusuf, released the names of the 245 Lower House MPs and 54 Upper House Senators to be certified. Yusuf excluded the results of four Lower House seats, including the seat won by president Farmaajo's national security adviser Fahad Yasin.

The Secretary-General of the FEIT said that there isn't an official list from the team, and they are still collecting the dates of the MPs.

"There have been 303 MPs elected to both houses so far. For political reasons, the chairman amended the team's official information".

The election commission has previously said it has suspended the results of Fahad Yassin's election, citing electoral irregularities and allegations of vote-rigging.

Over two dozen seats are yet to be filled.


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