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Galmudug State says pulling out of Farmaajo-Roble mediation talks

Saturday September 25, 2021

DHUSAMAREB (HOL) - Galmudug State has said it is withdrawing from mediation talks between Prime Minister Mohamed Roble and President Mohamed Farmaajo.

Information Minister Ahmed Shire Falagle said in a media interview his team had pulled out from the talks after the two leaders 'failed to resolve their differences'.

"Since there is no agreement and a lot of time has been spent, we are going to make it clear that we will no longer be a part of any negotiating team. Therefore as Galmudug, we are standing aside to see what is going to happen as the leadership of the country fail to resolve their differences," Falagle said.

Galmudug State minister Omar Shido pointed fingers at Farmaajo Friday noting the outgoing President had become an obstacle to the talks.

"As you are aware, the President of Galmudug, Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoorqoor) has been working on resolving the dispute over the Ikraan Tahliil case, which has caused a great deal of controversy between President Farmajo and Prime Minister Roble.

The meeting ended in a stalemate, with PM Roble's side showing maturity while facing a major challenge that ended the talks," said Shido.

The collapse of the talks could adversely affect preparations for the next phase of elections which involves voting for the 275 members of of Lowet House.


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