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Ikran's mother: We will not be satisfied, nor accept Farmajo's investigation committee

Monday September 13, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - The mother of Ikran Tahlil blasted Somalia's President on Monday, threatening to file lawsuits against him for his interference in her daughter's case.

Qali Mohamud Guhad said her family would not accept the results of an investigation that President Farmajo organizes.

"We are not satisfied and will not accept Farmajo's latest decree where he appointed a committee to investigate Ikran Tahlil's case. We only trust the Military Tribunal which has already received our complaint."

PM Roble met with the commanders of Somalia's Armed Forces last Tuesday and ordered the military court to begin an immediate investigation.

On Monday, President Farmajo appointed a five-member committee to investigate Ikran Tahlil's death led by Somalia's Attorney-General.

Ms. Guhad said that she could not trust Farmajo to be impartial when he has promoted or reshuffled individuals who were suspects in Ikran's disappearance.

"If the President refuses to stop impeding our quest to find justice for our daughter's, we have to suspect that President gave the order himself to kidnap my daughter.

"By his actions in handling my daughter's case, it appears that Farmajo does not fear god."

She warned that if Farmajo continued his interference, she would file lawsuits against the President in Somalia and abroad.

She also warned two Somali MPs -  Abdirahman Hersi Kulmiye (Abdirahman Dheere) and Abdishakur Ali Mire - who she believes are instrumental in impeding credible investigations into her daughter's death to cease their obstruction.

"If you continue standing in the way of the case, you will get what's coming to you."

"The Somali people, who have always supported me, should bear witness to the shady behaviour of Farmajo and these two men."

She ended her message by saying that she is awaiting PM Roble for developments in Ikran's case.

On Sunday, Ikran's father Dr. Tahlil Farah also called on the President not to undermine the probe into Ikran's death.


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