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Galmudug president holds urgent cabinet meeting

Friday October 8, 2021

Dhusamareb (HOL) - The President of Galmudug State, Abdi Kariye Qoorqoor, met with his cabinet on Thursday to discuss security in the region following the resignation of the state's security minister.

The meeting lasted several hours, and the cabinet meeting focused on the security situation in the area and preparations for the upcoming federal parliamentary elections.

According to our sources, the cabinet also discussed the resignation of Galmudug security minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi and a strike by Galmudug forces and the capture of two towns by Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a (ASWJ.

Galmudug Information Minister Ahmed Shire Falagle told VOA Somali that the cabinet discussed protecting Galmudug's stability and existence.

"We will urges redouble our fight against Al-Shabaab keep a close eye on the many who want to prevent peace in Galmudug," said Minister Ahmed Shire Falagle.

Falagle denied that strike by members of Galmudug's security forces was based on the resignation of the Security Minister. He said that the soldier's grievances were about salaries and provisions.

AWSJ fighters ousted federal forces from Mataban and Guriceel last week. The Sufist militia said it took over the area because the federal government failed to end Al-Shabaab's insurgency.

Following the cabinet meeting's conclusion, they promised to resolve the security debacle in Galmudug and called on all parties to refrain from any actions that would threaten the peace. It also announced a state parliamentary resolution to expedite the electoral process.



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