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President Deni appoints new Nugal governor

Saturday October 2, 2021

Garowe (HOL) - Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni appointed a new governor for the Nugal region on Saturday.

Mohamud Hassan Mohamed (Awil Matan) has been appointed as the new governor, following consultations with the state Minister of Interior and the Puntland VP.

President Deni also appointed a three-member committee to promote and advise on security in Garowe, where insecurity and violent crime are on the rise.

The commission will assess and advise local officials on security arrangements, the advancement of public safety plans and how to tackle drug abuse.

The move by the president comes after several youths were killed in Garowe in recent nights. Several of those killings have involved security forces.

The local government has been accused of failing to address the growing drug use in Garowe, which residents say is closely linked to insecurity.


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