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Somalia spy murder: Probe team says Nisa bosses not to blame

Monday November 22, 2021

A committee assigned to investigate the murder of Ikarm Tahlil, a spy with Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (Nisa) who disappeared on June 26 this year, has concluded that her bosses had no role in her death.

General Abdullahi Bulle Kamey, a member of the investigative committee who is also the chief prosecutor of the Armed Forces Court, said the team's investigation found no evidence linking Nisa to her disappearance and murder.

He said that the committee, appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in September, recorded statements from Nisa acting boss, Colonel Yasin Abdullahi Mohamud alias Yasin Farey, the Former Director Fahad Yasin and the Former Nisa Chief of Staff Abdullahi Adan Kullane, all of whom were accused by her family of involvement in her death.

The perception of Nisa's involvement in her demise was widely supported by many Somalis who denounced the agency and demanded justice.

But Kamey, in a statement issued yesterday, said: “We (the investigators) visited Nisa headquarters in Mogadishu and had access to CCTV footage at the agency.

During the investigation, we had not encountered even the smallest evidence that suggested that Nisa was in any way involved,” adding that the team had received reasonably good cooperation from the spy agency.

When it first emerged that she was missing in early September, Nisa boss Yasin issued a statement saying that Ms Tahlil had “fallen in the hands of Al-Shabaab.” He added that she was killed by the jihadist group.

However, Al-Shabaab promptly - and unusually - came out to deny murdering her.

Her family also rejected the narrative that the terror group was involved.
Political crisis

The case led to a political crisis in Somalia's top leadership, widening the rift between the President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and PM Roble.

Roble had sacked Nisa boss Yasin and appointed General Bashir Mohamed Gobbe to replace him. However, Farmaajo nullified the decision just hours later.

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A tit-for-tat between the PM and the President since has gone on to affect Somalia's electoral process, causing delays.

In late October, President Farmaajo and PM Roble agreed to normalise their relations after months of tension and public disagreements.

They agreed, among others, that the case of the missing spy is to be left to the judiciary.


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