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Puntland court sentences two Al-Shabaab fighters to death for Bossaso prison attack

Sunday November 21, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - A military court in Puntland sentenced two Al-Shabaab members to death on Sunday for their role in a prison attack in Bossaso in March.

The court found that Mohamud Abdirahman Abdikadir Hifdiye and Mohamed Osman Madey Osman killed two soldiers during the attack.

The judges, who spoke in court, admitted they were members of the militant insurgent group Al-Shabab, but the men claimed they had not taken part in the attack.

The men were captured by security forces hours after the attack.

The chairman of the court, Colonel Abdirizak Jama Abdulle, announced the death sentence for the accused. He also said the court had given him a month to appeal the verdict.


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