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Somali parliament votes to return to polls, annuls Farmaajo’s term extension

Saturday May 1, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somalia Parliament has voted to adopt the September 17, 2020 Agreement following President Mohamed Farmaajo's appeal in what now nullifies the April 12 resolution that extended his term by two years.

Ahead of the vote, Farmaajo appealed to the lawmakers to endorse the Agreement between the Federal Government and the Federal Member States in September 2020 and subsequently approved by the Lower House.

"The reason we are going back to this agreement is that the national consultative forum unanimously supported it in order to save the country from political instability and to head to commonly agreed elections urgently," Farmaajo told lawmakers.

He also noted that he handed over the electoral implementation process and security of the process to Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

"I would like to state that our PM Roble will spearhead the process of preparations and the implementation of the electoral process, including key election security arrangements to ensure elections take in a peaceful and stable atmosphere," Farmaajo said.

The move to revert to the September 2020 agreement, which has been internationally recognized, comes amid local and international pressure against Farmaajo to climb down on his term extension bid.


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