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Somali PM forms national and state-level elections security teams

Monday June 21, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) -  A federal and state-level electoral security team drawing membership mainly from the Somali Police Force and AMISOM will be in charge of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to a Security Plan developed by the Office of the Prime Minister, the National Elections Security Committee and the State Election Security Working Committee (SEWC) will be headed by the Prime Minister and a committee of Federal Member State police commanders respectively.

At the national level, the NESC is made up of eight members which include three from the OPM, two from the Somali Police Force and one each from the Ministry of Defence, AMISOM and UN police.

The NESC will be tasked with the security of Presidential elections which will happen in Mogadishu but also work closely with the state-level security committees.

Elections for the Banaadiri community and Somaliland both of which will happen in Mogadishu will be secured by the Banaadir Regional Electoral Security Working Group.

The State Election Security Working Committee (SEWC which will be chaired by police commanders from all the Federal Member States and will have members from civil society organisations, the state police force, the darwish paramilitary unit and the Somali National Army head among others.

Somali National Army will not be taking direct charge of the security of the election. AMISOM and the Somali Police Force have been tasked with securing the elections.


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