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Somali PM welcomes election commission timetable

Saturday July 17, 2021

PHOTO - OPM Somalia

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, welcomed the FEIT Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) election schedule for the election of Somalia's Parliament.

"I commend the electoral schedule released by the Federal Election Commission (FEIT) with respect to the election of the senate and The House Of People 2021. I urge stakeholders and partners to support the expeditious organization of the federal elections."

Prime Minister Roble also thanked the regional governments for their efforts and called on them to keep the election timetable on track.

"The people of Somalia are waiting for a peaceful, transparent, free and fair election, which will take place on time, so we must work together to implement this important task without delay," said Prime Minister Roble.

Roble also thanked the international community and urged them to support the electoral process.

The FIET released the national election schedule on Friday.

According to the timetable, members of the Upper House will be elected first and voted in between July 25 and 28. The finalized list of Senatorial candidates is to be announced on July 24.

The Upper House results will be announced on August 1.

Candidates wishing to contest for a parliamentary seat have a 5-day window to submit their application between September 2-5.

The MPs will be voted in by delegates who will be selected and trained throughout August.

The parliamentary elections will be held from September 12 to October 2. The MPS will be sworn in on October 7.


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