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UN warns of instability in Somalia as electoral stalemate persists

Tuesday February 23, 2021

NEW YORK (HOL) - The ongoing political crisis in Somalia poses a threat to the country's security and stability, UN head in Somalia James Swan told the Security Council Monday urging Somali leaders to climb down on their demands.

“Growing political tensions threaten Somalia’s state-building progress and even security unless they are resolved through dialogue and compromise in the interest of the country,” Swan said.

The UN envoy added, ‘Unfortunately, instead we are seeing increased brinkmanship, pressure tactics, and tests of strength that can only heighten risks.”

He implored Somali leaders to continue exploring channels of communication to open talks adding that an agreement from the talks should be managed by an impartial and independent team.

His remarks come amid heightened political tensions in the country that have slimmed the prospects of talks as outgoing president Mohamed Farmaajo and two of his political enemies Ahmed Madobe (Jubbaland) and Puntland’s Abdullahi Deni fail to resolve their differences.

The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) had earlier written to the UN Security Council seeking their support in the removal of Farmaajo whom they said was now in office illegally.

They also lamented ‘attempted assassination of their members by security forces ‘under the orders of Farmaajo’.

Meanwhile, Villa Somalia said Monday it had sent out invitations to Puntland and Jubbaland to attend another round of talks but the two earlier said they would not be turning up.
The CPC has called for fresh protests on Friday.


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