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Elders close to resolving Beletwyene crisis-Sanbalolshe

Sunday August 29, 2021

BELEDWEYNE (HOL) - Former national intelligence director and  outgoing MP Abdullahi Sanbalolshe has signalled an  end to hostilities in Beletwyene following a take-over of the town by an armed faction last week.

Sanbalolshe said clan elders were making headway in reconciling the waring sides.

"The Ugas (clan leader) and elders have made great achievements in trying to resolve the crisis," Sanbalolshe said. "The HirShabelle issue is unique but the people of Beletwyene must first resolve their differences," the former NISA director General said while visiting Beletwyene.

Tensions have remained high in the town following an incursion by rebel forces led by former Somali National Army commanders Col. Abdullahi Elmi and General Abukar Huud last week.

The two were opposed to a visit to the town by HirShabelle President Ali Gudlawe


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