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Job agency places Mogadishu youth in work

Friday August 20, 2021

Two job-seeking girls register themselves at an office/File photo/Ergo

(ERGO) – Bile Hassan Muhyadin, 26, aims to start his own garage after gaining training and experience at Kalabeer motorcycle repair shop in Mogadishu, where he now repairs more than 50 bikes a month, earning around $200.

“I found this job when I needed it most, I am now able to provide for my family without any problem,” said Bile, who got the job in December 2020 after getting in touch with Xoogmaal, a non-profit recruitment agency operating in the Somali capital.

Bile, a father of two, used to work on a relative’s farm in Beledweyne that was washed away by Shabelle river floods in early 2020. After losing his source of income he fled with his family to Saaid IDP camp in Deynile district of Mogadishu, where they built a flimsy hut to live in and relied on $50 a month sent by various relatives.

However, the garage job has enabled him to save enough to move his family into a comfortable three-roomed house rented at $40 a month.

Mohamed Abdi Yusuf, 20, was placed by Xoogmaal at Dheeman 3 restaurant, where he works from 6am to 3pm earning 100,000 Somali shillings ($4) a day. This covers the bills and Koranic school fees for two of his younger sisters. He is responsible for his widowed mother and three sisters.

He had been working as a wheelbarrow porter earning just one or two dollars a day. “To be honest, this job has totally changed my life. I am the only son in my family and they depend on me for support,” he said.

Mohamed’s family lost their livestock in drought in Dinsor in 2017 and moved to Mogadishu. His mother had to stop working as a labourer in the market due to diabetes and blood pressure.

After hearing from a friend about Xoogmaal, Mohamed registered with the agency and soon found a vacancy at the restaurant where he received a month’s training before starting in April.

“I do my job well and I would like to advance in rank to become the manager of this restaurant,” he said.

The chairman of Xoogmaal, Hassan Hussein Mohamed, told Radio Ergo they have registered 400 young job seekers since the office opened in January 2021. They are planning to place 100 people in jobs by the end of this year. So far they have found jobs for 160 young people, some of whom are internally displaced.

“We opened this office for the youth seeking work. Every youth who comes to us has a problem getting a job. We check if the person is responsible and can meet the job requirements,” he said.

Xoogmaal’s office rent and staff are paid from the $5,000 contributed by the founders annually. They do not charge any fees to either the job seekers or the companies seeking to fill a vacancy. They follow up by visiting those newly placed in their workplace.


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