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Jubaland President said he supports PM Roble, calls for more independence

Wednesday September 29, 2021

Kismayo (HOL) - The President of Jubbaland State, Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe), said that he supports Somalia's Prime Minister in his endeavour to facilitate elections.

Madobe made these comments at a public forum in Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Jubba region.

The public meeting was attended by members of both Houses of the Jubbaland's regional parliament, traditional elders, women, youth, and other community leaders.  The President of Jubbaland briefed them on various issues.

Madobe focused his speech on politics, security, the Ikran Tahlil case, regional droughts and the prime minister's responsibility for electoral matters.

"Prime Minister, your responsibility to the nation is clear, and we stand by you."

President Ahmed Madobe also highlighted the importance of respecting agreements reached.

"Jubbaland's position on the elections is that stakeholders must respect all agreements. The prime minister cannot do his job. Let him be independent." said the Jubbaland president.

President Ahmed Madobe also spoke about Ikraan Tahliil, saying that it is necessary to seek justice for the former NISA agent.

Jubaland has yet to complete it's Upper House elections. It conducted partial elections in late August that saw four representatives elected to the Senate.


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