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New Security Advisor Fahad meets Galmudug's Qoorqoor amid collapse of talks

Monday September 27, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - National Security Advisor Fahad Yasin held talks with Galmudug President Ahmed Qoorqoor Sunday night in what could indicate a resumption of mediation talks between Prime Minister Mohamed Roble and President Mohamed Farmaajo.

The meeting happened few hours after Yasin took charge as National Security Advisor following his sacking as the country's intelligence boss by PM Roble.

Sources said the meeting took place at Qoorqoor's residence near the airport in Mogadishu.

Galmudug State announced Saturday it was withdrawing from the talks.

Two ministers from Galmudug accused Farmaajo of frustrating the talks and announced a pull out.

Yasin has been central to the fallout between Roble and Farmaajo. Roble fired Yasin in the wake of the death of female intelligence agent Ikran Farah but was reinstated by Farmaajo and later deployed to the National Security docket.


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