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Min Jamal recieves warm welcome from constituents after airport mishap

Thursday September 23, 2021

Garowe (HOL) - The Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of the Federal Government of Somalia, Jamal Mohamed Hassan, arrived in Puntland on Thursday for a week-long visit, landing at Garowe International Airport this afternoon.

After a brief stay in Garowe, the minister arrived in Qardho, where he hosted a luncheon for Darood clan chief Boqor Burhan Boqor Muse.

The delegation then arrived in Dhahar district, where they were welcomed by traditional elders, intellectuals, administration and community members.

"I thank you for welcoming me here," said Minister Jamaal, who addressed the crowd in central Dhahar.

"We have been planning to get together for a long time due to many circumstances, but today when we arrived in Garowe, you heard that some people were trying to stop our meeting from taking place. God willing, they have failed, and we have come together."

Earlier in the day, Puntland security forces reportedly blocked a delegation from welcoming the minister at Garowe airport.

"I want to talk about action, consultation, consultation and cooperation. I urge you to listen to what you are hearing about what is happening in politics. It is not about clans. It is about individuals, politicians and gangs,"  added the minister, who also serves as the Member of Parliament for Dhahar district.

The minister said that during his stay in Dhahar, he would hold meetings with all local community members and indicated that they would discuss the environmental and developmental situation.


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