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Embattled spy chief lands in Mogadishu, meets with top security officials

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - Former National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) director, Fahad Yassin, arrived in Somalia on Tuesday and immediately met with some of the country's top leaders and army commanders.

Yassin landed at Aden Adde International Airport aboard a private jet after being reportedly detained in Djibouti en route to Somalia earlier this week.

Djibouti has denied claims that Yasin was detained by airport security.

An hour-long meeting was held at the Somali Presidential Palace, where military commanders, including the Somali Police Commissioner, the Acting NISA Commander and the Benadir Regional Police Commander, were present.

The meeting raised suspicions that Fahad Yassin still wielded considerable power in government institutions, particularly in the security sector, which still appears to be acting on his orders.

Several opposition politicians voiced their concerns that Fahad Yassin's arrival in Somalia's capital could create political and security unrest.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble sacked Yassin, the head of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), earlier this month after the mysterious killing of female intelligence operative Ikran Tahlil, who was abducted near her home in June.

The PM's decision to sack Farmajo's close ally was met with swift rejection and sparked the latest constitutional struggle.

President Farmajo recently appointed the former intelligence director to be his National Security Adviser.

Yasin has not yet publicly commented on the case, but his camp insists that Yasin will present a report to the National Security Council meeting.

The Minister of Internal Security appointed by Prime Minister Roble, Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, met yesterday with Qali Mohamud, Ikraan Tahliil Farah's mother.

Qali Mohamud, Ikraan's mother, asked the minister to hold a peaceful demonstration to advocate for justice for their daughter.

The Minister of Internal Security said that the Somali government stands by the family and shares the grief and suffering of the family in seeking justice.


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