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Somalia's leaders continue to clash over appointments

Thursday September 9, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - The political struggles between Somalia's national executive leadership continued on Wednesday after the PM dismissed the Federal Minister of Internal Security, Hassan Hundubey Jimale and appointed opposition lawmaker Abdullahi Mohamed Nur to the post.

The directive was broadcasted through all of Somalia's state-owned media channels and networks.

The Prime Minister thanked the former Minister of Internal Security, Hassan Hundubey Jimale, for his tenure. Hundubey was appointed by Prime Minister Roble when he took up office.

Almost immediately, President Farmajo countered the directive with his own decree released through Villa Somalia's social media pages.

"The dismissal of Internal Security Minister FGS, Hon. Hassan Hundubey is illegal, unprocedural and unconstitutional. Any Ministerial changes which violate due process of the Somali Provisional Constitution is null and void."

Farmajo argued that the current task of the government was to bring the country to elections. In August, he used a similar argument when he issued a decree that ordered all federal government officials to disengage from any agreements until a new government was seated.

Hassan Hundubey Jimale also shared that sentiment and tweeted that the PM is contradicting his own rules.

"PM Roble said to his ministers: You cannot remove anyone because we are in a transition period, and the country is entering elections, so he should follow the rules that set out for his cabinet!"

Jimale added that as a caretaker PM, he does not have the power to remove Ministers.

The latest tussle comes amid a turbulent week in Somalia's political arena as the cracks between Somalia's national leadership continue to widen. Analysts and observers worry that the constitutional crisis will derail the elections, which have already been delayed several times.


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