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Somali PM gives spy agency 48 hours to explain death of female agent

Saturday September 4, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has ordered the country's intelligence agency to explain the death of female spy agent Ikran Tahlil.

Speaking a day after the intelligence agency NISA claimed that Ikran was murdered by the militant group Al-Shabaab,  Roble said NISA had 48 hours to come clean on the matter which has sparked national uproar.

Roble added that the family of Tahlil must get justice. Pressure has been mounting on PM Roble to fire intelligence director Fahad Yasin who has since been accused of cover up.

The situation reached fever pitch Friday after Alshabaab distanced itself from the killing few hours after NISA put blame on the militant group.

The opposition alongside Somalis on social media reacted angrily over the 'revelation' by NISA Thursday that Ikran was kidnapped and killed by Alshabaab.

Meanwhile three young men from the same clan as NISA Director General Fahad Yasin have since been kidnapped in Beletwyene. Sources said among those kidnapped was a fresh graduate from a university in Mogadishu.

Ikran's mother Qali Muhamad Guhad warned last week that the family's patience was running out and demanded the release of her daughter within 48 hours.

"Ikran's family members have been patient waiting for a response, but their patience is running out. We demand that her abductors release her within the next 48 hours.

She appealed directly to Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and begged him to intervene on her behalf.


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