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Garowe tech start-up creates graduate jobs

Friday September 3, 2021

A group of youths in a computer class/File Photo/Ergo

(ERGO) – Kasim Serar, a young Somali entrepreneur in Garowe, is making strides in the technology business that he believes can have positive impact on society and create job opportunities for youth.

His company Hub IT, established in 2019, has 19 young graduate employees.

“Technology has become a need for humanity. I always try to motivate the youth not to be left behind by technologically developed nations,” said Kasim, who graduated in 2017 in computer science from Bosaso’s East Africa university.

Among his achievements so far is the development in 2020 of a Somali language accounting software, called Keydiye (keeper), which tracks expenses, manages cash flow, creates invoices and sends reminder messages to loanees. Users pay a monthly subscription according to the size of their business.

He and his youthful team are aiming to solve many problems facing the community through technology.

Fadumo Mohamed Ali, 23, who graduated in 2020 in public administration from East Africa university in Bosaso, works at Hubs IT marketing the Keydiye programme.

After four months in the job she was awarded a pay rise for performance. She told Radio Ergo her $450 salary pays the house rent and supports her widowed mother. She pays $90 a month in school fees for her four younger siblings.

“I feel I have achieved in life since I was unemployed before. I am very happy to be working today and supporting my family,” said Fadumo.

Abdikhaliq Mohamed, a 2020 graduate of East Africa University in Bosaso, said his jobs with Hubs IT has expanded his connections. He meets new clients every day in his work training and supporting software users.

“First, I gained new skills from this job as I was trained on the job. Currently I am working as a technician using the knowledge I gained from the training,” he said.


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