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Somaliland in talks with U.S over Afghan refugees, deputy foreign minister says

Thursday September 2, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somaliland is considering a request by the U.S and other international refugee agencies to host Afghanistan refugees, deputy foreign affairs minister Liban Yusuf Osman has said seemingly negating earlier remarks by information minister Saleban Ali Koore.

Speaking during a TV interview, Osman said the US and other international aid agencies had approached Somaliland on the possibility of hosting Afghanistan refugees.

“We had talks with the U.S government and other international agencies dealing with refugees on the issue of Afghanistan refugees,” said Osman. “We are now assessing the situation and if we are satisfied, we will take part in it.”

Osman said the request by the U.S affirmed Somaliland’s progress and stability.

"There are a lot of refugees being evacuated from Afghanistan. The United States has been in contact with many countries. If Somaliland is to be a part of those countries, it shows that Somaliland is a credible state that has a stake in international affairs," he said.

Information Minister Koore said last week Somaliland had not been approached by the U.S contrary to media reports.

If Somaliland accepts the request, it will be the second in the region to host Afghan refugees after Uganda which has since taken in several refugees.


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