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Two hours ultimatum on Ahlu Sunna to vacate Guriel lapses, tension remains high

Sunday October 24, 2021

GURIEL (HOL) - Galmudug government has given Ahlu Sunna Waljamaa fighters two hours to vacate Guriel Town, state run media said Sunday morning.

Government controlled news agency SONNA reported mid morning that Galmudug government and military officials had extended an olive branch to the Ahlu Sunna forces to vacate the town and cart away bodies of their fighters who were killed in the fighting on Saturday.

The report added that Ahlu Sunna political leader Sheikh Shakir was also ordered to leave Guriel by 12pm local time.

The ultimatum followed renewed fighting Sunday morning after a night lull. At least 20 fatalities were recorded from both sides.

Among the dead was the commander of the US trained Danab unit in Galmudug region Abdilatif Falifyle. Government forces have reportedly taken control of the district headquarters and other key installations but Ahlu is said to be fighting back in northern parts of the town.

Ahlu Sunna also mobilised local religious leaders and madrasa teachers to fight alongside them in the battle which lasted the whole day on Saturday.

The two hours ultimatum was expected to lapsed at 12 noon local time.
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