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UPDF soldiers to be tried for killing seven civilians in Somalia

Friday October 22, 2021

African Union peace keepers on a truck. (File Photo)

The UPDF has constituted a court-martial to try soldiers for killing seven civilians in Golweyn, Somalia. The civilians were killed in cross-fire after AMISOM troops encountered Al-Shabaab fighters.

The decision by the UPDF comes after the AMISOM Board of Inquiry’s (BOI) investigations into the incident found that the conduct of the personnel involved was in breach of the rules of engagement.

“AMISOM will hold the implicated soldiers to account to ensure that justice is served as recommended by the BOI,” a statement from the institution reads.

On a fateful day, according to the BOI, AMISOM soldiers encountered Al-Shabaab fighters in Golweyn. Exchanges of gunfire ensued. The civilians were caught in the crossfire between the UPDF soldiers and the Al-Shabaab fighters.

“In the encounter, one AMISOM soldier was killed and another sustained gunshot injuries,” the statement reads.

The court-martial to try the UPDF soldiers will sit and conduct its proceedings in Somali. The government of Uganda is expected to reach out to the bereaved families to discuss how to atone for the lives of those killed, under its obligations under the MoU signed with the African Union



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