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CPC 'deeply concerned' about election delays

Monday October 11, 2021


Mogadishu (HOL) - The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) said that it was deeply concerned about the delay in Somalia's federal elections and its ramifications.

In a statement released on Monday, the Council said that the repeated missed deadlines are beginning to illustrate a disturbing trend.

"The Council regrets that the agreed timetable has been delayed three times, without adequately explaining the reasons for the delay to the Somali people.  federal electoral commission should share the reasons for such delays openly."

The Council's statement also said that the Somali community has been frustrated by the uncertainty surrounding the country's elections and that international investment has declined.

"The Council is concerned that the exact date for Lower House elections has not yet been made clear. The expiration of the federal government's mandate has led to the political uncertainty that has eroded public sentiment, overshadowed trade investment, international agreements, financial assistance, debt forgiveness, and Somalia's representation in international forums."

The Council added that the National Consultative Council, which includes the FMS and the PM, should be held responsible going forward for any delays in the election.

"The Council underscores that the National Consultative Council is taking responsibility for the delay in the country's elections, and urges the leadership of the Consultative Council to expedite the electoral process and take into account the negative consequences of delaying the elections on stability, security and the country's economy."

Somalia's federal electoral committee said that elections would be held 60 days after political leaders agreed to the 'May 27 agreement'. The electoral commission then said Presidential polls were going to be held on Oct 10.

A new date has not been announced.


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