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CPC warns Somali corrupt elecotral process will lead to violence

Thursday November 25, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Council of Presidential Candidates has warned that the current electoral process will lead to political instability and jeopardize the credibility of the incoming government.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, the council accused the Prime Minister of abandoning his duty to oversee free and fair elections.

The council's spokesperson, Dahir Mohamud Guelleh, likened the current electoral process to looting.

"We are fully convinced that the way things are going can only lead to widespread destruction in Somalia."

Guelleh said the council was holding consultations with stakeholders in Mogadishu to explore options.

Somalia's electoral process has been heavily criticized for the extensive delays, gerrymandering and hand-picking of delegates and elected officials.

HIPS, One of Somalia's leading thinktanks, released a damning report on the current electoral process. It warned that if Somalia stays the course, the potential for post-election violence is real.

The announcement by the Council of Candidates coincides with the announcement by the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) that they are investigating the election fraud. It also comes as Yasin Abdullahi Farey, Somalia's acting intelligence chief, was elected as an MP in Galmudug as the Villa Somalia-backed candidate in a process fraught with irregularities.


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