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New Details Emerge on How Three Terror Fugitives Arrived in Kitui

Sunday November 21, 2021

New details have emerged on how the three terror suspects who escaped from Kamiti Maximum prison ended up in Kitui.

The prisoners, Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex Shikanda aged 34, Joseph Juma Odhiambo, 30, and Mohammed Ali Abikar, 35, were arrested in Kitui on Thursday.

New reports now reveal that the trio was transported from Kamiti to Machakos County by a private car and left to use public means to maneuver out of the country.

According to area Assistant Chief Nyamai Kalenga, the three terrorists used a private car from Kamiti to Machakos where they boarded a public car and later hoped on boda bodas from Kitui to Endau.

“Vile tulimkamata huyo Musharaf alinieleza walitoka Kamiti na gari ndogo wakafika Machakos. Wakachukua matatu hadi Kitui na ingine hadi Endau. Kutoka hapo sasa walikuja na bodaboda,” the assistand chief said.
Upon reaching Endau village, it was hard for them to maneuver through unnoticed as locals knew almost everyone in the area.

Hungry and thirsty, one of the terrorists, Musharraf was sent to go and look for water where he met a local, Dorcas Muthoka.

He was given water to quench his thirst until later in the night when the three decided to knock on random doors only for them to meet Dorcas Muthoka, again.

“Nikawaona tena nikamwambia si ni wewe niliona huko kwa mtoto akasema ndio, akainamisha kichwa…nikauliza wanataka nini akaniambia tena anataka maji ya kunywa niwauzie, nikamwambia mimi siuzangi maji, nikamwekea na wakatoka,” said Muthoka.

It was them that Muthoka alerted the area administration and by Thursday morning, police, chiefs, assistant chiefs and locals started an operation to trace the suspects.

Musharraf was the first to be captured and the other two were later surrounded and traced in a nearby bush.

Authorities believe the terrorists were in communication with unknown people at Kalamba, border of Garissa and Wajir where they were to be sneaked into Somalia.

After their capture, the terrorists were flown to Nairobi and returned to the heavily guarded Kamiti Maximum prison with the Interior CS Fred Matiang’i pledging to intensify security in the facility to avert a similar crisis in the future.


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