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Java Coffee opens franchise in Somalia

Saturday November 20, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The coffee house, Java has opened its first branch in Somalia adding to an increasing number of foreign investments in the country amid relative stability.

Java Coffee Garden opened its doors in Mogadishu this week in what now affords residents a taste of the international franchise.

The founder of the Java Coffee branch in Somalia Abdi Ahmed Elmi said the launch of the coffee restaurant was the fulfilment of the dream of a Somali entrepreneur.

"It is fortunate that the founder of Java was a Somali man by the name Ismail Jibril, his vision was to take Java Coffee Garden everywhere in Somalia and extend across the horn of African region, Ethiopia and Djibouti," said Elmi.

Somali Chamber of Commerce chairman Abdi Ali Gebeyre said the franchise will be a opportunity for more investment in Somalia.

"I welcome Java and its founder. This is part of the initiative we Somalis want to see. I hope Java will bring a lot to Mogadishu. This is not only restaurant but it can also host conferences so whether the government or the entrepreneurs meetings, here is the suitable place to come," Gabeyre

Java becomes an addition to an increasing number of foreign investments in country. In 2019, Apple Inc licensed a franchise in Somalia.



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