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NISA seizes drones at Mogadishu airport

Thursday November 4, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia's intelligence agency said it seized several drones from Mogadishu airport on Wednesday that were 'illegally imported.'

The National Security and Intelligence Agency said that six drones arrived unassembled.

A Somali lawmaker, Zakariya Mohamud Haj, said that the drones belonged to him and were used for agricultural purposes.

"The drones I imported from Turkey are illegally owned by Human, a company specializing in pest control, irrigation, and all agricultural-related activities. for combating and spraying Anyaha, irrigating crops and identifying areas where rivers are vulnerable to flooding," said MP Zakariya."

Two Turkish nationals were allegedly arrested but released soon after.

There was no immediate word from NISA on why the drones had been seized.

The seizure comes as Puntland bans the use of aerial drones in its region for security issues.

A drone permit is not required for recreational flying in Somalia, but the federal government offers guidelines for drone pilots. A permit is required for commercial drone use in Somalia.


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