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Tension is high today in Mogadishu as the country anxiously awaits

Saturday May 1, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - President Mohamed Farmaajo’s address to the Lower House where is expected to announce a reversal of a resolution that extended his stay in office for two years.

Opposition forces still hold control of strategic roads in the city including the busy Maka al Mukarama road through to Debka junction which opens up to parliament and Villa Somalia.

HOL correspondent in Mogadishu reports seeing forces commanded by Daynile district commissioner Yusuf Jafar manning the two streets.

Residents who spoke to HOL said their continued stay in Mogadishu or the return of their kin who left last week depends on what Farmaajo says today.

“His speech will determine whether I stay here or leave. Even those who left are waiting for his word to decide if they will return,” one of the residents who declined to be named for security concerns said.

Jafar defected to the opposition side last week following an outbreak of violence which say hundreds of Mogadishu residents flee for safety.

Farmaajo bowed to pressure on Tuesday following growing calls for a return to talks locally and internationally.

In his address to the nation, Farmaajo said he will be returning to the Lower House to get its ‘endorsement’ for a return to talks with Federal Member States.

The US and other western powers have threatened sanctions against Somalia and Farmaajo administration following the unilateral decision to extend his stay in office by the Lower House mid last month.


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